Resources for teachers have been developed around the following Higher, Advanced Higher, AS- and A-level syllabus elements because they ask questions which are directly addressed by recent scholarly research:

  • SQA Classical Studies Advanced Higher: ‘Comedy, Satire and Society’;
  • SQA Classical Studies Higher: ‘Social Aspects of the Classical World: Classical Drama’;
  • AQA Classical Civilization AS Level: ‘Aristophanes and Athens’;
  • AQA Classical Civilization A2 Level: ‘Greek Tragedy’;
  • Cambridge International Classical Civilization AS and A Level: ‘Aristophanes’ and ‘Drama: the idea of tragedy’;
  • OCR AS and A Level: ‘Greek Tragedy in its Context’ and ‘Comic drama in the ancient world’.
  • Many AS/A level Greek language and literature syllabuses also have elements relevant to this project.

We are aware that syllabuses change regularly and that many of them, particularly in Scotland, have recently undergone radical revision, but we hope that the questions the briefing sheets tackle will be relevant even under the new specifications, and intend to update the briefings in due course. A longer-term goal of this project will be to engage with examination boards concerning the value and drawbacks of using recent research to inform their choice of set texts and the shape of their Greek drama syllabuses. Aristophanes and Athens A series of twelve planned documents intended to help teachers incorporate recent research on Aristophanes into their teaching. They are not intended as ready-to-use lesson-plans but as briefing documents to help teachers develop their own lessons. They summarise key debates in recent scholarship on topics that have featured in recent Higher, Advanced Higher, AS- and A-level syllabuses and assessment. Sheets 1, 4, 5 and 11 are currently available. View/download: