Stephen Halliwell

Stephen Halliwell has worked extensively on Greek tragedy and comedy, as well as on the theory and aesthetics of drama both ancient and modern. He is the translator of the complete plays of Aristophanes for the Oxford World’s Classics series: two volumes have already appeared, Birds and Other Plays (1998) and Frogs and Other Plays (2016); the final volume is expected in 2020. He has also translated Aristotle’s Poetics twice, including a bilingual edition for the Loeb Library (1995). Among his other books is Greek Laughter (2008), which contains chapters on both Old and New Comedy. Topics covered by his numerous articles include Greek actors, collaboration between comic playwrights, Sophocles’ Oedipus Tyrannus, religion in Greek tragedy, tragic rhetoric, Menandrian humour, theatre masks, the influence of Aristotle’s Poetics on later attitudes to drama, and Nietzsche’s Birth of Tragedy.


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