Book cover: two people gesturing towards eachother; text reads: Terence and the verb to be in latin

Terence and the Verb ‘To be’ in Latin


by Giuseppe Pezzini

Oxford University Press, 2015


Between Ecstasy and Truth

Interpretations of Greek Poetics from Homer to Longinus

by Stephen Halliwell

Oxford University Press, 2011


Book cover: old man grinning, looking sideways towards the viewer. Text reads: Greek Laughter.

Greek Laughter

A Study of Cultural Psychology from Homer to Early Christianity

by Stephen Halliwell

Cambridge University Press, 2008


book cover: silhouette of person crouching; text reads: Sophocles: Ajax

Sophocles: Ajax


by Jon Hesk

Duckworth, 2003


Aristotle’s Poetics


by Stephen Halliwell

Duckworth, 1998


Aristophanes Birds

And other plays

by Stephen Halliwell

Oxford University Press, 1998