Lucy Donaldson

My research focuses on film style, texture, performance and the body. I am interested in bringing together close textual analysis with issues of embodiment, experience and sensation, and drawing on connections to a range of other disciplines, such as dance, philosophy and art. My research interests include the staging and presence of performance in cinema and TV; the relationship between bodily affect, agency and effort; and the contribution of ‘below the line’ film designers to the materiality of cinema, especially as this relates to issues of performance and embodiment. I have published widely on performance and embodiment, from work on the materiality of performance in post-studio horror to the contribution of foley artists to the effort and affect of performance. I am currently working on performance in Television, and am co-editing a book on that subject with Dr James Walters, University of Birmingham, for Palgrave Macmillan. I am also collaborating with a theatre practitioner working with sound; we have received funding from the Knowledge Exchange and Impact Fund at St Andrews to developing the scope of her one-woman show 'Foley Explosion' and bring it to St Andrews in September 2018, and will be working together on further public engagement projects.